KSU English Studies Graduates Charity Association

English Language Alumni Association established at the English Studies Department of Kutaisi State University last autumn is one of the ESD’s greatest assets. The Association was registered by Kutaisi Town Court on 18 December, 2001. It has its own regulations and payer’s registrative form. The association aims are:

  • To support the development of KSU ESD

  • To provide the department with all necessary facilities.

  • To improve teaching and learning conditions at the Kutaisi State University and other schools to promote their academic excellency.

  • To arrange employment, upgrading and professional promotion of English language alumni, to improve their social and economic conditions.

  • To coordiante the collaboration between the English language alumni and the staff of the ESD.

The establishment of the association was preceeded by long and hard work. We had to find out the whereabouts and to get in touch with the English language Alumni who have graduated since 1960. A lot of former graduates responded and joined the Association. All expressed their wish to render a financial aid to the Department which was their ALMA MATER. At the moment the total contribution  is 3607 GEL.

We are very thankful to Maka Alpaidze, who contrubuted $200, Lamara Shamugia $100, Maya Abdaladze - $100, Sophiko Kintsurashvili - $50 and all other  contributors.

Thanks to this generous contribution the ESD was able to refurnish its office by buying modern office furniture and to pay tution fee of the best first-year students of English and IT – Giorgi Khokhobashvili, Giorgi Kalandarishvili and Giorgi Revazashvili for their excellent academic performance.

Thank you for the feeling of pride and faithfulness you made us feel. We wish you the best and hope you will continue to support the English Studies Department.

Every lari from the Alumni fund is supposed to be used to support the Department programmes for further promotion of its academic excellence. We believe that the Department and its Alumni will benefit from it.


Further projects from the Alumni office will include tracing the students who studied at KSU English Studies Department and reunions for them. We would like to find as many people as possible. Please let us know the whereabouts of any former student you may still be in touch with. We will value any ideas that you may have about the Association.