Dimitri Kopaliani was the first student form Kutaisi to study at UWN

We asked him to write to us about his career after his graduation from this University.

My education has ranged across fields as well as across the globe. My studies began in my native country, Georgia at the Technical University where I received my Bachelor of Science in Automation of Technological Processes in Manufacturing. In 1991, I attended the University of Wales in the United Kingdom where I was awarded the Higher National Diploma from the College of Computer Science and Business Administration.

After I completed my studies in Wales I pursuit a bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Computer Science from Lawrence Technological University. I then had the privilege of being accepted to the Rackham Graduate School at University of Michigan and received my Masters degree in Computer Science and Information Systems.

Through my international studies I developed the ability to clearly communicated with diverse groups of colleagues that is so essential in todayís global economy. I also carry an awareness of our shrinking world and recognize the importance of the sciences in our ever-growing world dialogue. I speak and write three languages fluently and have been twice published in the English language.

My work experience has helped me turn academic theory into practical reality. I have worked as a programmer, developer, applications manager and I am currently Manager of Software Development for QEK Global Solution. I lead my team of developers and programmers, located in USA, UK, Australia, Canada and Netherlands, in the design, development, and implementation of Fleet Vehicle Management System. My daily interaction with the realities of Information Technologies and Management has been benefited by my extensive academic experience, and, conversely my academics have been enhanced by my work experience.

Currently Iím in a Doctoral Program for Management Information Technology. Having received my Masters Degree from the Rackham Graduate School, I am aware of the challenges that must be met by graduate students and I know that the academic skills and abilities already taught to me at the University of Michigan and other institutions will serve me well at University.

I remember with great joy and gratitude all the friends I made in the days I spent in Newport.