A New Year Party in the English Language Centre

New Year parties have become a traditional, but now I’d like to draw the readers’ attention to a very special event, that took place in the English language Centre on December, 25.

This party was unique because it was not held by school or university students, but by the students of the English Language Centre. This day proved the fact that the learners of this Centre, do not attend just only to study a foreign language, but come to a place were they can meet their enthusiastic teachers, make friends, and get something more, than just learn a foreign language. This approach to work of a Centre caused a great desire of arranging this wonderful party.

Young boys and girls decorated the rooms of the Centre and prepared an illustrated wallpaper with interesting articles written in English.

The meeting was conducted in a very unusual and interesting way by the most active students Sopho Asatiani and Levan Sophromadze.They tried to do their best and they succeeded in doing it. The guests of the meeting were greeted in English by Ucha Katamadze, Giorgi Leladze, Ana Bregadze and Akaki Bakuradze. Mari Shotadze was wonderful playing the role of Snow White. The participants of all the ages were equally active. One of them, Giorgi Gvenetadze prepared an intellectual test in English and all the groups tried their heads in it. The smartest one became a winner.

Nevertheless, there were no losers that day. The New Year lottery, organized by the authorities of the Centre, presented everyone with gifts: New Year souvenirs and English books (fiction and dictionaries). The authorities of the Centre decided to cut the fees for students from one family by 15 percent. Proceeding from the results of the lottery, Giorgi Gvenetadze and Natia Kutateladze won the opportunity to study free of charge for a month. The party proved to be quite exciting. A special cake was auctioned for 50 laris. It’s owner, Dima Korgashvili, treated his fellow students to it, adding glamour to the subsequent a la fourchette.

The students of the English Language Centre unanimously sang the famous New Year song “Jingle Bells” and crowned the meeting on a solemn note. They expressed thanks to the teachers for their hard work and the wonderful atmosphere created by them. Interesting comments were made by the parents who have witnessed the progress and deep impressions of our students. On behalf of all the parents, the Head of the Kutaisi Akaki Tsereteli State University Georgian Studies Department, Professor Manana Mikadze conveyed their gratitudes and wished the English Language Centre great success in its immensely responsible activity.

The director of the English Language Centre Mrs. Madonna Megrelishvili greeted the students and wished them happy New Year. She emphasized that this wonderful event organized in a short time was the result of hard work, necessary for the high quality teaching process, for developing communication skills and awareness of foreign cultures without which it is impossible to have a good command of the language. On behalf of the teachers of the English Language Centre Maia Alavidze, Nino Nijaradze, Irma Grdzelidze and Natia Zviadadze wished happy New Year to the students.

The owner of the house and the European judge of human rights protection Mr. Mindia Ugrekhelidze sent a very warm letter of congratulations to the students from Strasbourg.

The students of the English Language Centre have also received many congratulations from our sister city, Newport. They were also honored to  get congratulations from the Mayor of Newport, Rosemary Buttler a member of the Assembly of Wales, an honorary citizen of Kutaisi, as well as from Derek Butler an honorary professor of  Kutaisi State University, Art Critic, Catherine Philpott, a chairperson of Newport-Kutaisi International Association, an honorary professor of KSU and Mell George the honorary principal of Missouri – Columbia University has also joined these congratulations.

They expressed their readiness to achieve the goals of giving the Georgian youth the essential knowledge that will enable them to take part in building their country and establishing worthy place in the society.

We wish fellow citizens happy New 2007 Year once again and invite them to the English Language Centre, to the friendly environment where we will tech them English at a high professional level.

Natia Zviadadze

Assistant Professor

Congratulation speech of European Judge of Human Rights Mr.Mindia Ugrekhelidze is fully presented in the original.


To the masters and disciples of the

Kutaisi English Language Centre


I would like to warmly greet everybody who works at the hearth and home of my ancestors to master the English language and do their utmost for the prosperity of my country. I wish the best luck to everybody and first of all Christmas and a Happy New Year. 

When the famous Georgian, Shalva Nutsubidze returned to Georgia from Europe after learning philosophy there, the first words he exclaimed to the people meeting him at the platform were: “Cheers to Business-like Georgia!”. Earlier Ilia Chavchavadze, crownless King of Georgia was preaching the same to the Georgians. He deeply believed that only hard work and diligence could make Georgia an honorable and independent member of the world community.

Many changes have happened since then. Georgia is still suffering from the wounds caused by external or internal enemies. Our country has not yet recovered from the devastating results of civil, ethnic and inner political wars.

Our enemies maliciously used this fact in their own favour  trying to represent Georgia as helpless, disable and non-constructive nation which is not true…

The logic of life demanded that reconstructing and recreating activities start on the very first days after the revolution. I am proud that my native town was immediately involved in the process; and the founders of the English Language Centre have been in the ranks of it…

This wonderful centre of education is focused on the future with its progressive ideas and latest methods. If it is well-supported it will have numerous possibilities of development, which will open great perspectives for our young generations, especially the youth of Kutaisi.

That is why I readily support the work of the English Language Centre, its founders and inspiration - Madonna Megrelishvili in their untiring work. I advise anyone concerned it at least a bit to do the same.

As for you, dear youngsters and other learners of this school, I bless you and wish you to learn the English language and culture just as well as the English lady, Marjory Wardrope dedicated to Georgian culture and acquired our spirituality.

Praying for you

Mindia Ugrekhelidze


23. XII. 06