One Year in Newport

Giorgi Zghenti

On the initiative of the Kutaisi-Newport association and competitive selection I was sent to the twin city of Kutaisi, Newport. It  was my first trip to Western Europe and to be honest I was a little nervous. As soon as I stepped in Heathrow Airport, in London and passed customs, I was impressed with astonishing warm surroundings.

One of the members of Newport-Kutaisi Twinning Association, Kate was waiting for me there. The Mayor of Newport, whom I had met in Kutaisi before, sent his car to pick me up in the airport. We covered 250 km. distance to Newport, we covered fast with a nice chat of different topics. There, at University of Wales college at Newport we were met by the chairperson of Newport-Kutaisi Twinning Association Kutaisi Mrs Rosemary Butler. After they accommodated me, Mrs. Butler together with the member of security staff of the college, as it was Sunday, introduced me to some students. That was my first step to the international friendship.

Id like to mention that general favourable atmosphere, which exists in the University. Overseas students are met at the airport by College staff and transported to halls of Residence at the Caerleon Campus. Firstly meals are provided to allow students to settle into their new surroundings. All overseas are able to join free two week induction programme, prior to the start of the term, during which they are introduced to life in Wales. Most students find this programme very enjoyable and it helps them quickly adjust to the life at the College.

As far as studying concerned, its of a very high level. The College by its own is highly rated Institution of Higher Education. And, Id like to mention that while my staying in Newport, it was granted a status of University and it is known now as a University of Wales College at Newport. Of course it was a big merit of Principal and Chief Executive of the College Professor Dr. Ken J. Overshott.

In the University I was doing BSC (Hons) in Business Information Technology, Faculty of Technology. This course aims to give students the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively organize and manage modern Information Technology in business environment. The course covers the design and implementation of the solutions within industry and commerce.

Subjects I was studying were as follows: Personal Development, Software Development, Networks, IT systems, System Methods, Economics. Actually, one academics year in Newport was very productive for me. And I hope the knowledge Ive got there will help me in my future life.

While studying I had a great support of Newport-Kutaisi Twinning Association  Especially Id like to mention that while their visit to Kutaisi Mr. Derek and Mrs. Rosemary Butler said that thay d be my Bitish parents in Newport, and I am happy that until now I can feel their warm attitude to me. The time I spent with them will always stay in my mind as a sweet memory.

Ill never forget how Mr. Butler showed me round the British Museum  as an art critic my first visit to London with him, Chritmas day in the Butlers and many other events like this. I cant help mentioning special programme by them for my Christmas holidays including acquaintance of some business in Britain.

Ill always remember heartly attitude to myself of Mayor of Newport Mr. John Jenkins and his wife. They were trying to do all possible to make my stay in Britain enjoyable. I was invited to Mansion House for lunch, dinner or so; it was impressive to attend celebrations of Fireworks Day on the central stadium in Newport together with Mayors  family etc.

Unforgettable football matches on stadiums together with director of twinning association Newport-Kutaisi Mr. Als Ropke and his son.

Also, Id like to express great respect to all other members of Newport-Kutaisi Twinning Association who did everything to introduce British way of life to me and create good conditions for my studies.

Finally, Id like to say my loud Thank you directed to the Associations of Twin Cities!