Reform of Education

Educational Complex. Strategies 

Due to the grave economic situation Georgian State Schools are badly financed. As a result the academic process at schools and other educational establishment has worsened. School has lost its main function. Classes do not meet the current requirement. Students are more dependent on private teaching which has become a means of making ends meet for most school teachers, and they practically have no time to do their work properly at school.

Most school pupils live in hard-up families where parents are either unemployed or have no time to take care of their children earning their living in this country or abroad. Most parents have lost a regular contact with schools.

Because of low and often frozen salaries a lot of teachers have to leave schools in the hope of finding a better-paid job. However there are still enthusiasts who being committed to their profession do not quit their jobs at school.

Proceeding from all on-going problems and the exsisting situation in schools it has become vitally important to find new ways of helping Georgian School to survive and to restore its best traditions. Radical reforms and not just cosmetic changes are needed. We hope that the establishment of an Educational Complex in Kutaisi may be a good base for this purpose.

The complex will unite all links of educational system in one unit functioning as a whole – nursery, primary school, high school, university. The mission of the complex is to provide an opportunity for every student to meet their fullest potential and to form a person who will be able to cope with all problems he/she will face in life

  • By using the best traditions of Georgian education

  • By using new educational programs meeting European standards

  • By using new technology

  • By encouraging all students to develop critical and creative thinking through the use of appropriate methods and resources to create a literacy

  • By creating a safe, pleasant enviroment which promotes self-esteem, positive attitude and successful experience.

  • By fostering a community orientation that encourages a strong student-teacher-parent bond and encourages all awareness of the enviroment and the future.

  • By recognizing that physical education, good nutrition and intellectual development are directly linked, and that they enhance a student’s ability to learn, concentrate, feel good about themselves and promote a good quality of life health, family, work and leisure. The Complex will be based on the kindergarten Gelati, elementary school # 3, St. Nino High School and KSU English Studies Department.

The sources of the project support are NGO: Open Society-Georgia Foundation, Literacy for Critical Thinking,  Step by step Program,  Parents and Teachers association, School Development Vocatioal Training and Job Centers, Business Incubator, International Rescue Committee Capacity Building Program.

To transfer from one educational link to another should be organic which means that students must be adequate for every stage. The Educational Complex has already started its activities by holding special training for the heads and leading specialists of each educational link.

The main issues of the training are:

  • Georgian and European experience in education.

  • Internal and external enviroment analysis

  • Publicity

  • Parents’ involvment

  • Working team regulations

  • Seminars in each link or the Complex

  • Selection of new participants.

The Complex is supposed to for a structure which will work on and be responsible for the following:

  • Strengthening of the Complex economic base

  • Teacher training and the increase of academic and economic motivation

  • Parents’ training

  • New methods focused on developing useful practical skills promoting learning motivation and improving academic results

  • Upbringing of a highly educated, healthy, optimistic and patriotic generation which will contribute to the improvement of social and economic situation in Georgia.