They say

The Department is known as an initiator of important reforms in education and has a wide coverage in local and international mass-media. Its professionalism has been acknowledged by many inside the country and abroad.

In conclusion, some opinions of the work of the Department:

“The English Studies Department at Kutaisi State University is a powerful centre of teaching English throughout Georgia, it is doing great work to prepare highly qualified specialists.” Dr. James Huchison, First Secretary, Press and Cultural Affairs, Embassy of the USA.

“If you want to master English, you must visit English Studies Department at Kutaisi State University. They speak better English than we do. Many Congratulations.” Rosemary Butler, AM, Welsh Assembly.

“Your English is brilliant, academic! If my students were as enthusiastic and eloquent, I would be a happier professor.” Michael Barton, Professor of American Studies, Pennsylvania State University.

“If you listened to these students with your eyes closed, you would think you were in Cambridge.” Tim Rolf, Chairman of ESU for Great Britain.

“I represent Great Britain in Georgia, but I will be a special envoy of your country in England. I must inspire the Georgian spirit and I'm happy that I was given an opportunity to tell the British about Georgian youth and the future of Georgia with pride.” Deborah Barns Jones, Ambassador of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II to Georgia.

'Today here I have seen the Kutaisi which I have thought you could only dream of! A lot of heartful thanks.' David Mumladze, Tbilisi State University. The former Governor in the Imereti Regon.

Nowadays the ESD is masterminding new teaching reforms, that will make teaching even more flexible and provide new generations with knowledge and opportunity to find their place in the modern society.