Where Britain and Georgia Meet

In spite of the fact that these countries differ from each other in area and character, they have much in common. The land of Georgia washed by the black Sea is also a part of the Atlantic, the same ocean which touches the shores of some parts of the British Isles. This natural geographical phenomenon creates a unity between the two countries forming basis for mutual understanding and cultural integrity.

Both countries _ Great Britain and Georgia _ are indivisible parts of the same cultural region of European civilization.

Historians know quite well that the oldest and the first inhibitants in Europe were the Iberian tribes. At that time not only the Pyrenean peninsula (present day Spain and Portugal) was also a considerable area of the isles of the west Mediterranean Sea, France and Britain. It is common knowledge that at that time there also existed a country called East Iberia, which later become known as Georgia.

The Great Britain and Georgia geographically, historically and culturally as well as ethnically are inseparable parts of the continent called Europe.

As far as I know there has never been any conflicts in the relationship between the United Kingdom and Georgia. On the contrary, there are some excellent historical accounts which reflect positive interaction between the two countries. Sister and John Oiver Wardrop exemplify this for what both are remembered warmly by the Georgia people. Margery translated Shota Rustaveliís poem  ĎThe Knight in the Pantherís Skiní into English. This was later published posthumously in London 1912 by her brother after intensive study of the Georgian Language and Rustaveliís work. more than any other foreigner, Margery Scott managed to capture the spirit of the original and produce a translation to acquaint the English reader with the immortal work of the 12th century.

Georgian people have a good knowledge of Wales and its people. We know that Wales is the country of proud and brave people who for many years fought for their freedom. We are well aware of the fact that present day Wales despite it small size, has a part to play in the development of the social life and culture of the United Kingdom, its science and industry.

one can not help admiring the unique charm of Wales. Having been introduced to its past and present, its nature and people, and having become acquainted with the spirit  and of Welsh people, their mode of life, customs and traditions. It pleases us to know that there is much in common between far_off Wales and our motherland_Georgia. The Welsh peopleís devotion to the land of their ancestors and their prayers for its prosperity and the welfare of its people mirror those of Georgian people.

We are convinced that all common people of the world share similar dreams, sorrows and privations. There is a wish that the world should be peaceful and free from the danger of war and confrontations. No doubt the peoples of Wales and Georgia want the same.