Communication Strategy

Dorothee Fischer

Press Officer and

Project Manager

Visibility is a key to the success of ALDA and the LDAs. This year, their communication strategy concentrates on Georgia.

The main points of ALDA’s communication focus on Georgia in 2006 are:

ALDA’s Focus on Georgia in 2006

• Contacts with journalists

•Opening of the LDA

•Information Day

•Participation in information campaign in Georgia


Human Rights Project in Georgia

NGO in Tbilisi International Union Ertoba

Human Rights campaign with young creative people 18-30 from Europe

21-27 May 2006

Every partner sends a group of 4-5 people

Moving by bus around Georgia, also in Kutaisi


Contacts with journalists

Contact with Georgian journalists through the Council of Europe and local partners

Contacts with the international journalists dealing with the Caucasus

Bringing one or two selected journalists to the opening of the LDA


Human Rights Project in Georgia

Activities: workshops, debates, distribution of flyers, theatre plays, the production of a video, exhibition

Costs covered in Georgia

Opportunity for ALDA to have a campaign in Georgia


Opening of the LDA

PR campaign throughout Europe:

- ALDA Newsletter I/2006

- Throughout ALDA’s network

- Press conference/contacts with journalists

-Articles in magazines (Austria, eGermany, Hungary, Denmark)


How can the partners be involved?

•Send one young creative person (selection process)

•Support the international travel costs to Georgia

•Opportunity to inform their citizens more about Georgia (before and after the project)

•Photos could be shown during info day in Strasbourg


Information Day

Follow-up of SEE DAY Last year

31 May 2006 (during Congress Session)

’’Georgia: two years after the Rose Revolution”

Various experts, stakeholders invited

Cultural/culinary programme


Question for dscussion

Information Day:

Possible support PR Georgia, city of Strasbourg and others

Possible speakers to be invited (Norway, etc.)

Involvement of LDA partners


Information Day II

Audience: NGOs, representatives of the international organizations, university scholars, journalists

ENA already confirmed



Questions for discussion II

Possible support of LDA partners of the human rights campaign in Georgia.