How It Began

A summary of the preparations for a Local Democracy Agency in Georgia

01.02.2003 The Governing Board of the Association of Local Democracy Agencies decides to open the Programme of the LDAs out of the Balkans. A particular attention is given to the proposal of Local Government International Bureau for the establishment of an LDA in Georgia.

2003. Liechtenstein supports, through a voluntary contribution to the Council of Europe, a first Programme for setting up an LDA in Georgia.

27th of February to the 2nd of March 2004 : first finding mission in Georgia. Visits in Tblisi and

29th of September to the 4th of October 2004 : Second mission to Georgia with an activity related

to the European Charter of Local Self Government        

29th o1 January 2005, Governing Board, Bruxelles, Formal approval for the opening; of the LDA

2005/2006 :

       Follow up contacts with the potential partners (meeting in Bristol, Nantes, Oslo, Strasbourg and Vicenza)

       Need assessment in Georgia

       Fundraising for future Programme

       Contacts with Georgian partners

       Cooperation with the Council of Europe for the establishment of the Georgian Association of Local Authorities (support to NALAG with the funding of Nantes)

21st of February 2006 : Partner meeting for the potential partners


The objectives of the Meeting:

Presented by the Antonella Valmorbida, Director of ALDA

  • bringing the future partners of the LDA together and deciding on possible partnership
  • identifying an action plan for the opening the Agency in Kutatisi and the first year of activities.
  • identifying priorities for the projects